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Academic publications:

Barriers and facilitators to person-centred infection prevention and control: results of a survey about the Dementia Isolation Toolkit

Iaboni A, Quirt H, Engell K, Kirkham J, Stewart S, Grigorovich A, Kontos P, McMurray J, Levy A, Bingham K, Rodrigues K. BMC Geriatrics. 2022 Dec;22(1):1-2.

Educational publications:

Facing difficult decisions in a pandemic

The Dementia Isolation Toolkit. Long Term Care Today. Spring/Summer 2021 p 30-31.

Caring with compassion for people living with dementia during COVID-19

Dementia Connections. April 1 2021.

Media reports:

The bubble is suffocating the residents’ : Why calls are growing to loosen COVID-19-restrictions at nursing homes

Maria Sarrouh, Toronto Star. March 11 2021.

Doctors concerned about rise in dangerous medications in long-term care homes during pandemic

 Kaleigh Alkenbr, CTV News Health. December 3 2020.

In COVID-19’s second wave, long-term care homes in Canada aim for a better balance of safety and community

Wency Leung, The Globe and Mail. November 21, 2020.