The Dementia Isolation Toolkit Technology (DIT-Tech) project was created to support recreation and social connection for residents of long-term care homes (LTCH) who are isolated. With the DIT-Tech cookbook, caregivers can set up a tablet they can control remotely to connect to residents.

We have developed DIT-Tech to support two main goals:


Allowing families and friends to connect directly with the resident in their room without the need to schedule virtual visits.



Allowing family members to remotely deliver activities and stimulation remotely.


a) Remote


b) Independent


How it works

DIT-Tech is actually very simple. The resident has a tablet with specific applications installed. Family members use a home computer, tablet or phone to connect with their relative in LTCH.

This “cookbook” is for families who want to set up a tablet for their relatives in LTCH. You will find the “ingredients” you need and simple instructions to set up the DIT-Tech.

What is DIT-Tech?

DIT-Tech enables family members and friends to communicate with long term care residents through any web connected device (desktop computer or phone/tablet). It is possible to control, access, and communicate with the resident tablet. Family members can also initiate two way-video calls via Skype to engage and communicate with residents.

DIT-Tech tablets have been tested using a number of commercially available applications for two-way communication, entertainment, and various games that have been evaluated on the AcToDementia website for residents with a wide range of cognitive impairments. All apps recommended for DIT-Tech can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store





Recommended apps include: TeamViewer, Skype, Google: Find My Device, AcTo Games, YouTube, Spotify, and Google Translate.